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Tooting upholstery cleaners will restore the flawless appearance of your furniture in no time

Upholstery cleaning in Balham

Take a look at your upholstery and tell us what you see! Be honest and share if you like all those stains, dirtiness and discoloration! Now, instead of wondering how to purchase new furniture or how to reupholster the old one, read this information and find the best solution. Let us present to your attention our experienced Tooting upholstery cleaning company. We are proud with our numerous, satisfied customers and our individual approach. In order to achieve amazing final results, our Tooting upholstery cleaners have passed all the necessary trainings and possess all the needed skills. In addition, they never stop to develop and to improve the quality of the performed Tooting upholstery cleaning procedure. In case your location is SW17 district, the best choice you can make for your home is to request our reliable and convenient Tooting upholstery cleaning service. It's provided on site and it's very efficient. Don't worry for structural damages, because our Tooting upholstery cleaning methods are carefully complied with the material, so every risk is excluded.

Call us on 020 3519 2596 and schedule an appointment for our specially tailored Tooting upholstery cleaning service in SW17 area! You will be astonished by the final outcome, because your upholstery will look like brand new again.

Steam and Dry Tooting upholstery cleaning: two techniques bring the same gorgeous result

Are you curious to understand what the secret of our success is? Learn more about the features of our efficient Tooting upholstery cleaning service:

  • Steam Tooting upholstery cleaning - all the regular fabrics (such as synthetics) will be subjected on this modern Tooting upholstery cleaning method. It's the best way to sanitise thoroughly your filthy fabrics. After the preparative hoovering of the surface, injection and immediate extraction are performed via special equipment. The injected mixture contains hot water and non-toxic cleanser. Thanks to this successful combination and the high pressure, the fabric remains deeply sanitised and refreshed.
  • Dry Tooting upholstery cleaning - this method is performed without water or with very small amount of it. This Tooting upholstery cleaning technique is applied on delicate, natural, antique and decorative materials. Thanks to efficient dry solvent a chemical reaction with the dirtiness is provoked. Finally all the delicate upholstery is disinfected without any risk of structural damage.

You have to know that both Tooting upholstery cleaning methods are efficient, tested and proven. Final results achieved by our expert Tooting upholstery cleaners will be a wonderful surprise for you - your furniture will look like brand new again. And the best part is that our specially tailored Tooting upholstery cleaning service is delivered at affordable and fair costs.

Reach us on 020 3519 2596 and don't miss to take advantage of our professional and convenient Tooting upholstery cleaning service! Save your shabby and stained upholstery - it's really worth it.

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